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“I just closed my eyes!!!!... WTF” How many of us feel this way? Well, I feel this way EVERYDAY!!! I am a stay at home mom and my days...

“I just closed my eyes!!!!... WTF” How many of us feel this way? Well, I feel this way EVERYDAY!!! I am a stay at home mom and my days are full from the time I hear the screech in the boys bedroom door opening until my husband decides he has had enough midnight snacks and Super Mario Smash Bros and is ready for “US” to go to bed.
Boom, its morning already. “I want a cupcake, I want water, play cars with me, where is my iPad.... MOM!!” Yu“p, these are the joyous phrases that are being hollered at me, by a 3 years old boss, that never gives me an off day. Ol’ Danny, Danny boy, Danny Bandz, Danny Boone however you would like to remember him, he is a firecracker. He likes to push his limits to the fullest. He is sneaky (at least he thinks he is) and an absolute charmer. The fun doesn’t stop there we also have sweet “LuLu’. Lucas, my 2 years old, that enjoys mimicking everything his big brother does. So now we have two loud mouth boys hollering about cupcakes and everything in the top right cabinet in the kitchen. And the only thing that I am thinking is “But first, I want coffee!”

The small joys of my early mornings begin with the smell of coffee brewing. The sweet joys. The excitement of being able to take that first sip and everything around me suddenly makes a little bit of sense. “Oooouuucccchhhhh”, whelp that didn’t last long. Of course the boys are already fighting over toy cars and dump trucks. The edges of the pop tarts are torn off because they “don’t taste like nothing” as Daniel explains and the wrappers are thrown behind their race car desk as they both (Lucas and Daniel) decide to race into the living room. Now, I get to sweep for the first of many times the mess that surrounds their eating area. The sweet joys. By this time, I am making my second cup of coffee, the hubby has gotten up and we are all tuned in to morning news and quick scrolls through our phones, and then “soft crying, whaaaaayyyy” YUP there is another little that is ready to run me in circles for the day. My one and only girl, Charley girl that is. 3 months old and the sweetest kid I have ever been around. I walk in and she instantly smiles as I welcome her with “Good Morning Charley girl”.
This is only a small glimpse into my world, quite interesting. I want you to follow me on this journey. The daily journey of being a stay at home mom while trying to keep my sanity. The journey of learning how to be a homeschool preschool teacher, mediator, methods that work with multiple siblings at home with behavior training and potty training. The journey of figuring out the best and easiest meals for families that are just busy all the time. The journey of trying to squeeze in personal me time and attempting to workout. The journey of life as we know it.
The journey of ONE TIRED MAMA. 

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