How About Some "Arm Candy"...

Do you ever feel naked when you forget  your favorite things? Whether it be a certain ring, a favorite bag, or that perfect shade ...

Do you ever feel naked when you forget  your favorite things? Whether it be a certain ring, a favorite bag, or that perfect shade of lipstick, well for me that is bracelets. Bracelets, bracelets, and more bracelets. I cannot leave the house without my arm jingling like a modern day gypsy. The more the better but yet still classy. I used to be big on bangles. As many bangles as possible until I found the absolute love of my life in bracelet form. The brand that stole my heart was Alex and Ani.

Alex and Ani bracelets carry powerful messages on each charm. The meaning behind the brand is connecting people by enlightening the mind, empowering the spirit and for the wearer to reach its greater purpose. Wow! Not only do they make powerful eco-conscious bracelets that come in Rafaelian Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver finishes but also necklaces, rings, earrings, sets, and home decor. This company has really set the bar high, I literally have tons of their bracelets and I usually wear between 5-7 at a time. I believe you should always wear an odd number of candy to keep it edgy.

A few of the symbols I like to wear daily are "Path of Life", "Wild Heart Charm", "Breath of Life", and "True Direction Charm".
These stand out to me because of the following reasons:

This charm indicates that life is a journey. We choose the paths that create our futures. Each turn in the design is a representation of the detours life throws at us in order to find our purpose.

Wild Heart Charm
This charm represents overcoming darkness. Overcoming the fear of the unknown. The panther represents deep passion and power which symbolizes the protection of those who love wholeheartedly and have become fearless.

True Direction Charm
This charm is dedicated to moms. Its represents the mothers love that completely surrenders herself in the name of love. She knows all the right words to say and it symbolizes the honor she deserves for  leading the household.

  These are only a small few of the many charms you have to choose from. I personally wear these charms everyday. They stack amazingly and their meanings are breathtaking. The gold color which is my favorite gives off such a "girl on a mission" vibe. They are super comfy with expandable features and last a very long time. You don't have to worry about the color fading or tarnishing because the packaging includes a nice cleaning cloth that is recommended to wipe occasionally to keep the shine alive and bright.

Wearing my Alex and Ani bracelets make me feel empowered. The style is very bohemian-ish and the jingle is just right. They are definitely an every day wear. I can not find one reason as to why you would not love this brand except for the main reason being your finger getting tired of pressing "Add to Cart". GO NOW!! Feed your arm some Candy. You can thank me later! I would love to see your style in the comments!

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