"Sun-Kissed" Every Day Make-Up Essentials

I absolutely love a good combo of make-up. Super fun, super playful, super natural, non flaky make-up. I could shop for foundatio...

I absolutely love a good combo of make-up. Super fun, super playful, super natural, non flaky make-up. I could shop for foundations, concealers, blushes, lipsticks, you name it, for hours and hours. But, who has time to waste on finding the right shades of pink for your cheeks or the perfect even tone foundation for the right glow. This is why, finding the perfect combo is so essential. I want to let you in on a few of my every day must haves and I promise you will be over joyed by the outcome of the natural sun kissed look that will be produced.



I have always had oily skin and unwanted pores that shine bright. So to start off my day I am a firm believer that a good cleansing foam will make everything better especially with applying the days “face paint”. The Skinfood Egg White Cleanser is perfect for unwanted pores. It eliminates any build up and for combination (uneven tone) skin like I have it leaves pores smaller while it also soothes the skin. The smell is very light and it lathers like gold. Perfect easy on/off application.

SkinFood Egg White Perfect Pore Cleansing Foam

  •         ORGANIC PHARMACY “Double Rose Rejuvenating” ANTI- AGING FACE CREAM

This product is for all skin types. After your face has been cleaned and stripped of its natural oils, this amazing hydrating cream is the absolute best. The smell is of ginger and rose and quite refreshing. It will definitely wake you up in the mornings or for that late night excursion with some good girlfriends. The hydration last surprisingly all day. Some of the ingredients include shea butter and jojoba oil so those two alone are miracle workers. I have never found a cream that makes my skin feel as good as this does.

  • MAYBELLINE Dewy+ Smooth Fit Me Foundation 

After trying multiple brands of foundations with prices high and low this is by far the best foundation and its cost is super low. Why break the bank? I am all about saving. Maybelline Dewy + Smooth covers evenly, eliminates the appearance of oiliness and definitely keeps it away. Are you in the sun a lot? No worries, already included is a nice SPF 18 for you. I have never experienced a “cakey” or uneven finish and it is super easy to apply. The outcome is always super natural. I absolutely love it. And don’t worry there are 16 shades to choose from, so  you are covered my dears! 

  • IT COSMETICS CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Anti- Aging Cream

"Oh My Gosh" I have never loved a concealer as much as this one. It is full coverage and includes an SPF 50+. I have never seen a crease or crack in the application and it absolutely camouflages any imperfections, especially in uneven skin tones like I have. It has always left a poreless finish that makes my confidence soar through the roof because my skin looks flawless. But, it doesn't stop there, it also includes an anti- aging agent that is remarkable. So you are moisturizing, filling and restoring. AMAZING.


Before I learned the perfect aesthetic and appreciation for brows I always seem to go darker than I needed to or I always saw the videos where "Vlogger" would cut off most of their brows and draw them on. Well after years of growth and maturing..lol, I no longer cut my brows I simply "fill" them. This brow filler may come off as a bit chalky but it is amazing. Its application is smooth and the brush that is included has the perfect blender. It is never to dark and my brows look absolutely natural. I love this product and I am glad i found it.

We all want a matte finish and this pressed powder will not let you down. I use the "Queen" collection because of my olive tone but Covergirl has multiple shades of their pressed powder. It matches perfectly to any skin tone and its application is never chalky. Your face will glow naturally and the finish is photo shoot ready. 

Absolutely in love with this flirty blush. It is a mineral pigment that is true to  color and gives a flawless hint of natural cuteness. It controls any relentless oil, it blends perfectly. I stand firm when I say it truly last all day. The vitamin E gives my skin a healthy glow that is effortlessly flattering. 

Can we say "sun-kissed" much... This bronzer is the absolute Holy Grail for Glow and GO. It is seamless. If you want to become the perfect goddess this is the bronzer for you. It improves the clarity and warmth of the skin, not to mention it is waterproof. A big swirl brush and BOOM! You are a golden ray of sunshine. I LOVE IT.

This mascara will never get old to me. It brings my natural lashes to life. I am always asked if I am wearing false lashes because it is really that good. It is never a clumpy finish and you will never be the girl with the spider lashes. It seperates every lash flawlessly.

Now of corse my make- up bag consist of plenty of junk. As you can see pictured above, but these daily essentials are my all time favorites. The outcome is never questionable and I don't have to worry about my bank account frowning at me..


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