To Blog or Not to Blog?

It is 6 a.m and all I want to do is write. My mind is racing with thoughts about the first month of my blog and how things have...

It is 6 a.m and all I want to do is write. My mind is racing with thoughts about the first month of my blog and how things have changed for me, how I can make the blog better, the amazingly awesome bloggers that I have connected with on this journey and the outlook of my pages future. When I started this journey to become a blogger it was completely unexpected. I was forced to stay home with 3 babies ( technically not forced, just the smarter thing to do) interact only with kids for most of the day, EVERYDAY. I developed a very monotony way of life. Ugh!!

My personality is big, outgoing, I was a bartender and hairdresser for years and those two job requirements alone call for nonstop talking and engaging in the interest of people. The first few months of staying home were pretty rough. It definitely took some getting used to. I felt lost. I felt alone, I was exhausted and honestly, I hated it. Sad but definitely true. Does that make me a bad mom, HELL NO!! I know I am not the only stay at home mom that has had these feelings.

Knitted Sweet Girl Beanie and Blanket
I searched and began numerous hobbies. I taught myself how to knit and to make beanies and scarves. I began to do yoga, thought I wanted to become a phlebotomist, I mean I was on a mission to gain some sort of access to the free world. LOL! Then I discovered blogging. Typical, Right? Well OMG... wait let me say that again OMG!! Did you feel it that time? Blogging has changed my world! I get to write, which I am surprisingly good at, I get to connect with people all over the world. I get to be as creative as my heart desires and social media marketing is definitely like a full time job. Sheesh.. I love it!

It seriously took about 3 weeks for me to get up enough courage to publish my first official post. Then of course network it on the website on social media. It was nerve wrecking but, yet liberating at the same time. People began reading and the views started to rise.  The rush is gives, I have no words. I  got a few comments and that was inspiring. I felt like my presence was known again. My days had a different kind of purpose to them now. I was more than just a mom at home with her kids. I had become a blogger. ☺️

My path starting out was all about moms. A true "mommy blogger" but why did I have to limit myself. I love so many different genres of life. True, a blog should have a niche but, I believe I am still falling into the perfect spot in this ever growing blogging world. I'm thinking maybe it should be a diary for my 6 a.m thoughts. Lol but I love it! There are really some amazing bloggers that I have come across that I wish I could meet for coffee and chat with. The effects that some of the established bloggers have is remarkable. I aspire to be that cultivating to an audience. Blogging has been quite a learning experience, from the effort it takes to arrange the perfect "FLAT-LAY" (I just learned that fancy BLOGGER term) to look effortlessly put together or the time it takes to edit the perfect combination of photos to look completely caught of gaurd. Also, the aesthetics of your blog and the importance of the flow of your page. Whew, so exciting!


I invested in a nice camera and I am also on the search for a super cool computer with lot's of fun features. I would really like to pursue a lifestyle as a blogger. I view a lot of the world differently now. Before I would notice edgy haircuts and fun hair colors at first glance (still a stylist, cannot help it) but now I am looking out for colorful trees and greenery  that can be used as backdrops or props, I search for cute little notebooks and expressive coffee mugs. I even put more effort and energy into my appearance, which I let slip through the cracks when I became a stay at home mom. I feel like a blogger on a mission!

I wake up and I am ready to say hello to the world with inspirational quotes and pictures. I have truly found a new joy! A joy that gives me drive to explore more avenues. A joy that allows me to experience new things and meet and network with new people from so many different areas of the world. It is extremely fun! Blogging is an endless outlet, I wish I would have explored it a lot sooner than just a month ago. I know I sound like a hopeless nerd but, I am a mom of 3 boys and 1 girl, I think that makes me pretty cool. My kids light me up! They inspire me to continue to find ways to be myself and still show the world my magic. Of course life never goes as planned but I am sure glad it has taken me down this path.


My blog is a little over a month old, it is on its second name and second host site. As a beginner I am still figuring out the best hosting platform. I have had a little over 2.5K page views thus far, I gained almost 600 Twitter followers and a little over 800 Instagram followers. I am thoroughly impressed at the progress I am making. I am exploring new ways daily to come up with fun content. I don't plan on giving it up anytime soon. Hey, who knows where this may lead so stay with me, follow my journey and I promise you won't be disappointed. I would love any advice you may have for a new blogger, any comments are good comments! Love you guys!! ❤️❤️


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  1. That’s pretty dope! I’m here for it. Branch out and be a blogger. It’s literally such s fun experience!

  2. I made a blog a month ago as well and it changed my life completely! It motivated me to start doing different things and stop wasting my time. Great post :)

  3. Dani, this post is AMAZING!
    I commend you on the courage you've gained through blogging, and not be afraid to day it how it is!!
    As a new blogger too, I share all of your fears and excitement!! I literally just want to write ALL DAY LONG. And you've progressed so much!!! I'm going to ride this new bloggers journey with you girl! We can do this. ✌